Dealer Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Phillips Design products.

Phillips Design began with a direct-to-consumer sales model with prices - and our profits - minimized in order to help us become more established in the marketplace.

We have now developed a dealer sales model with updated pricing across all of our products that will deliver value to Phillips Design dealers across our dealer network, and help dealers deliver value to end customers.

Our company offers a value proposition to dealers that is unique in the industry. Dealers are required to carry no inventory, only a single demonstration pair of speakers, and a material selection board. Both of these items are available to new dealers for a special price in our Dealer Sales Package.

The sales model also differs slightly, and as such, offers more value to dealers than other speaker manufacturers. We require no minimum purchase quantities and no minimum inventory on hand. And, the dealer will never have to pay for freight for inbound product.

Phillips Design products are build-to-order, and shipping is free. We can ship either directly to the dealer, so that the dealer can add value with services such as white-glove delivery and setup, or we can drop-ship directly to the customer so that the dealer never has to deal with inventory. Even if the dealer elects to sell the demonstration pair, a new demo pair can be procured from us at the standard wholesale price.

While dealers may choose to order pre-configured product and hold it in inventory, we strongly urge our dealers to hold to the build-to-order model, and preserve the inherent benefits of the arrangement to them and to our customers. Product lead time is brief (4-6 weeks), and custom-built product is the essence of our brand.

If you are interested in becoming a Phillips Design dealer, please send us an email at, and we will get in touch with you promptly.