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Introducing Oh!

The Oh! family of products goes far beyond the typical 'black rectangular box' of most speakers in favor of our unique cylindrical design, with alternating layers of ultra-premium materials that you can customize to your heart's delight.

Our Oh! products employ a point-source co-axial driver firing up into a conic reflector, distributing sound in a 360-degree soundfield from each speaker. A wide selection of upholstery covers the acoustic suspension enclosure, which is then finished with solid surface, wood, and metal elements.

All Oh! products are passive stereo speakers. They are sold in pairs, and require your own amplification, such as a power amplifier or stereo receiver. These are not active speakers, and are therefore not 'bluetooth-enabled' either. Simply connect a pair of our Oh! speakers to your existing stereo system for an amazing audio and home theater experience.

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Design and Craft

Oh!'s unique cylindrical design showcases high-quality slabs of solid-surface, stunning natural wood slats and legs, machined billet aluminum parts, and a curated selection of the world's finest commercial upholsteries. All of these ultra-premium materials are available in multiple finishes that allow an unprecedented level of customization.

Choose from 6 colors of solid surface material, 7 species of wood, and 9 different upholsteries (each available in multiple colors) for an amazing spectrum of possibilities. It all comes together in a hand-built, made-to-order speaker unlike any other.

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Audio Technology

The Oh! family of products are acoustic suspension designs that disperse sound in a 360 degree pattern from each speaker. This creates an enormous and lush soundstage that everybody in the listening room can enjoy.

Whether listening to music, TV, or used for home theater, the immersive sound of Oh! will take your breath away.

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In all Oh! models, our unique co-axial drivers combine a separate 1" dome tweeter and a 6" cone midrange in the same rigid chassis. This 'point-source' driver arrangement completely eliminates phase, time delay, and distortion effects common with separate drivers that are not co-located.

The sound produced by this rather exotic design radiates vertically up into our unique, highly-polished metal cone, which then reflects the sound outward in all directions in the horizontal plane. The resulting 'stereo sweet spot' is far larger than with conventional speaker designs.

The omnidirectional design also creates a more realistic sound that will remind you of your favorite music venue. While some of the sound comes straight to the listener's ears off the front of the cone, the rest follows milliseconds later as reflections off the back and side walls of the listening space - just like natural instruments do in a concert hall. Your music comes alive in a broad, detailed soundstage, with a uniquely rich timbre and realism. 

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Low frequencies are provided by our powerful carbon fiber woofers, each with a high-quality voice coil and massive motor assembly, delivering highly accurate, detailed bass. The sealed (acoustic suspension) woofer enclosures ensure ultra-precise low frequency reproduction. And the high power handling of our woofers ensures you'll enjoy quantity as much as quality.

OH-16 is also optimized for bi-wiring, for optimum midrange clarity and minimized distortion.

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Oh! Model OH-16

The original 3-way design, with a 1" + 6" co-axial driver and 12" carbon fiber woofer. Customize to your heart's delight with dozens of combinations of solid surface, wood, and upholstery options.

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  • OH-16 Raia Tidewater Blue


    The original concept, available now.

    16" tube with a 12" woofer

  • PD Logo, TM - Vertical


    Currently in development.

    14" tube with a 10" woofer.

  • PD Logo, TM - Vertical


    Currently in development.

    12" tube with an 8" woofer.

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