Premium Audio Performance and Technology

We set out in pursuit of applying Vitruvian principles of architecture to speaker design:  firmitasutilitas, and venustas.

In our products, the primary component of utilitas is sonic excellence. To that end, our forms follow function, and those functions were conceived to deliver superior acoustic reproduction.

Our fundamental designs prioritize low coloration, a large and lush soundstage, a broad and flat frequency range, and all the other hallmarks of great-sounding speakers. Those goals imply things like inherent structural rigidity, high-quality materials and components, and various other design choices that prioritize sound quality.

  • Engineering 1

    Engineering Design

    We employ the very best practices of loudspeaker design and engineering to create acoustic designs that will move you. Thanks to our rigorous technical design and product development processes, Phillips Design products deliver the emotional power of your music fully, clearly, and accurately.

  • OH-16 Terminal Plate, Warm 2

    3D CAD and Virtual Design

    Our engineering team develops each product extensively in the virtual world first, with cutting-edge 3D CAD and simulation software. Internal teams scrutinize designs carefully, and then prototype with a purpose and at the right point in the process. It's the very essence of measuring twice and cutting once.

  • Sound engineering

    Testing and Validation

    We use sophisticated testing equipment and software, in addition to experienced (and often very opinionated!) ears, to verify and fully develop our concepts. And, we test every electrical component individually, and retain the data with each unit's serial number. We also use testing to drive manufacturing consistency.

Structural and Mechanical Testing

We hold our speakers to very high standards when it comes to structural integrity and product safety. Our products endure the same mechanical testing as seen by commercial-grade desks and tables, per the ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 test standard. We also apply tests from other governing bodies as well as some of our own, to cover what we expect a product could experience in terms of forseeable misuse and abuse.

High-Quality Materials and Components

The parts and products that go into Phillips Design speakers are carefully selected to be not only extremely high-quality and long-lasting, but are the right material for the application. We select to exceed performance requirements, not just barely meet them. We don't cut corners and use the bare minimum like so many other speakers.