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  • Designtex Pixel 3826-901 Color Bar, Large
  • Designtex Pixel 3826-901 Color Bar
  • Designtex Pixel 3826-801 Stonescape
  • Designtex Pixel 3826-801 Stonescape, Large
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Phillips Design

Fabric - Designtex Pixel

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This unique pattern from Designtex riffs on the pixelated digital screen in which we are all so constantly engrossed. Pixel shows us an intimate hint of the technology behind the displays we take for granted in our homes, cars, and pockets. It feels like an instant, modern-day classic to us.

Made in the USA, Pixel is truly an invention of the digital age.

Large pattern photos show complete 66" height of pattern. A 28"h portion of this will be visible on OH-16.

For more information about Designtex Pixel, visit Upholstery detail photos courtesy of Designtex.