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  • Maharam Metric 466014-002 Fog
  • Phillips Design OH-16 modern speakers in Maharam Metric Fleece and Tar upholsteries
  • Phillips Design customizable speakers in Maharam Metric Caramel
  • Phillips Design OH-16 customized with Maharam Metric Snorkel fabric
  • Phillips Design OH-16 in Maharam Metric Lava
  • Maharam Metric 466014-003 Fleece
  • Maharam Metric 466014-012 Cardinal
  • Maharam Metric 466014-013 Lava
  • Maharam Metric 466014-017 Caramel
  • Maharam Metric 466014-018 Pollen
  • Maharam Metric 466014-023 Tar
  • Maharam Metric 466014-024 Anchor
  • Maharam Metric 466014-025 Twilight
  • Maharam Metric 466014-037 Snorkel
  • Maharam Metric 466014-043 Galah
  • Maharam Metric 466014-045 Moth
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Phillips Design

Fabric - Maharam Metric

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Maharam's Metric fabric comes in a great selection of colors that look fantastic on Oh!, and highlight Metric's awesome grid-pattern weave. This is our most broad color offering, and is the base fabric.

Metric is an extremely high-quality commercial-grade upholstery that helps Oh! look its best. Hard-wearing and easy to clean, Metric is used on some of the world's finest commercial and residential furniture.

Since this is the base fabric, the price for this option is $0, as the cost of the base upholstery is included in the cost of your 'Customized' product selection. However, if you want Metric fabric, you must still select a color option here, and add it to your cart, to complete your order. Use qty = 1 for each pair of speakers ordered.

Learn more about Metric at Upholstery detail photos courtesy of Maharam.