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  • Phillips Design Oh Sorbothane pad isolation foot modern speakers
  • Sorbothane Pad Feet, Set of 6
  • Sorbothane Pad Foot, Individual
  • Sorbothane Pad Foot, Individual
  • Sorbothane Pad Foot on Walnut Support Leg
  • Sorbothane Pad Foot on Polished Aluminum Support Leg
  • Sorbothane Pad Feet, Set of 6
  • Sorbothane Pad Feet, Set of 6
  • Sorbothane Pad Foot, Individual
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Phillips Design

Oh! Sorbothane Isolation Feet (Set of 6)

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Our Sorbothane pad isolation feet are carefully selected to match the weight and load distribution of each Oh! speaker, perfectly isolating it from the room. Reflecting our comprehensive design philosophy, these feet are designed to present a premium appearance and complement the overall design language of Oh!

Our pad feet are precision engineered to be a perfect match for Oh!, with each foot machined on a CNC lathe from a billet of 6063 aluminum.

Sorbothane, a proprietary viscoelastic thermoset polyurethane, is the best vibration isolation product on the market, and ideal for isolating audio equipment from the surrounding environment. We are proud to provide you with 'the best', precision-engineered to match your Oh! speakers.

Sorbothane pad feet replace the standard glides, and press-in easily without the use of tools. The special neoprene O-ring creates just the right fit with the leg, and with a tiny bit of grease, slides in place easily.

Set of six (6) pad-type Sorbothane isolation feet, typically used with hard floors, thinner rugs, or commercial carpeting. Works with either wood or metal support legs.

(Shown with Walnut and Polished Aluminum support legs, support legs are not included.)